Put the date in the calendar – Bean Feast 2017 will be on Saturday September 23rd, 1-6 PM in Montpelier Park BS6 5EF

BEANFEAST by Artur Tixiliski -6

Here we go, Bean-feasters! Time to get out the face-paint, practice our table tennis and put on our creative caps. Bean Feast 2017 planning is now under-way.

Please join us for our next meeting will be on Wednesday 7th June, 8PM at 53 Ashley Road. Everyone is welcome – whether you’ve got an idea for this year’s event or just curious to learn more.

Want to say hi but can’t make it? Not to fret – we’ll meet monthly, and in the meantime you can always send your thoughts to contact@montpelierbeanfeast.org.uk.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped out with the Bean Feast in 2016


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