Put the date in the calendar – Bean Feast 2017 will be on Saturday September 23rd, 1-6 PM in Montpelier Park BS6 5EF

BEANFEAST by Artur Tixiliski -6

Here we go, Bean-feasters! Time to get out the face-paint, practice our table tennis and put on our creative caps. Bean Feast 2017 planning is now under-way.

MBF 2017 poster med

Please join us for our next meeting will be on Wednesday 16th August, 8PM at Montpelier Park. Everyone is welcome – whether you’ve got an idea for this year’s event or just curious to learn more. If its dry we’ll be in the children’s play area, if wet, we’ll be huddled under a gazebo on the ball court.

Want to say hi but can’t make it? Not to fret – we’ll meet monthly, and in the meantime you can always send your thoughts to contact@montpelierbeanfeast.org.uk.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped out with the Bean Feast in 2016


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