November 2016 AGM minutes!

November 2016 AGM minutes!

Minutes from Bean Feast AGM 2016!

AGM was held Tuesday 15 November 2016

Attendees: Shiona, Ali, Emily, Becky, Katrin, Ruth and Tanya (standby on phone)

Apologies from Taran

Shiona kicked off the AGM by explaining how the AGM works. We need to review members for 2016/2017, go through reports from chair and treasurer, and elect core committee members for Bean Feast 2017.


  • Members

We established that we had enough 2015/2016 members for quorate which is good as elections can be held within guidelines of BF constitution.

Plus new membership forms for 2016/2017 were signed.


  • Chair’s report was delivered by Shiona

We had a really successful year! With higher turnout and spread evenly through the day, the highlight was the community mosaic, created by Caroline Casswell, Dolphin School students and residents. CleanUp workday volunteers, including Lloyds Bank staff, gave over 120 hours to clean the park; more local residents were involved in the logistics than any year previously, and we created a new SwapZone to trade produce, secondhand toys and clothes. We cut our carbon footprint again and reduced our waste by 23%. Bristol’s Ambling Band kicked us off with a 50-strong walkabout through Montpelier with visiting band from Montpellier (France!).

The community mosaic consultation was a success due to lessons learned last year; we shared our proposal widely, hosted an open evening and integrated feedback (eg an anti-graffiti coating). Social media engagement improved with a formal media schedule. We built new relationships with St Werburghs Girl Guides, St Barnabas School, Emmaus Bristol and Cleaner Montpelier.


  • Treasurer’s report was delivered by Ali

Once the final payment of £200 from BCC comes in the total income for 2016 is £4122.87.

Sales totalled £843.42 over the year, £591.88 on the day. We are £97.02 up on last year.

The bank/cash balance currently stands at £2931.83, bearing in mind that our Bean Feast account is a holding body for Cleaner Montpelier funds of £913.03. (This amount should rise by £90 once the last 2 donations are made and the grant is in).

The Bean Feast made a profit of £378.17 in 2016. This means it has been possible to donate £160 to local charities, plus increase payments to 3 predominant local artists/musician groups by £100.


  • Elections

Officially all previous core committee members have retired

  • Position of Treasurer: Ali is happy to be treasurer for BF 2017. Shiona nominates Ali, Ruth seconds. We unanimously voted ‘yes’ for Ali to be treasurer for BF 2017
  • Position of Chair: Shiona is happy to be chair for BF 2017. Becky nominates Shiona, Ruth seconds. We unanimously voted ‘yes’ for Shiona to be chair for BF 2017
  • Position of Secretary: Ruth nominates Emily, Becky seconds. We unanimously voted ‘yes’ for Emily to be secretary for BF 2017.

Bravo to the new 2017 committee!

Ruth is standing down as secretary due to other commitments and no longer being a local resident. The AGM presented Ruth with a very kind farewell gift and thanked her for 3 years of secretary-dom.

Regarding position of Bean Feast Co-ordinator role Katrin is a potential yes, hooray!,  though BF event date may clash with a close friend’s wedding in USA.


  • Funding

We are applying for a Community Festival and Events Funds grant from Bristol City Council. BCC usually circulate outcome by the following February. Therefore we should know funding position in February 2017. We would be able to apply for a Quartet Community fund Express grant if the CFEF grant fails, the turnaround for a decision is circa 6 weeks. Resultantly we should know by April 2017 if we will hold a BF in 2017, or if we should have a fallow year. Decided to hold next committee meeting in April 2017.

However there are parties to contact by end of January, with a couple of provisional event dates, as their presence needs to be secured well in advance of event.

AP for Shiona set up a ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ trello card with an alarm on it to contact the following: Amass medical & security, toilet people, Original Spinners, Splish (Julia Vita), St Barnabus, the Rumble-Os, Diego

AP for everyone review the CFEF application form which is on trello ASAP as Shiona wants to submit polished final version on Friday 18 November at the latest.


  • Website Admin

Our main website went down last week due to hosting issues. Our domain name and hosting needs paying. Becky has been a very clever sausage and found a great dealio with to cover our hosting and domain name for £38 p/a. Decided to go with due to issues with previous provider.

AP for Becky set up domain and hosting with and reclaim expenses from Ali. Put login details on trello

AP for Becky to look for free themes to improve look of our website. Becky to redesign layout of website so key pages are obvious, and less necessary waffle (like minutes) are filed away in tabs. Basic version is fine with images to be moved across as and when we need them.


  • Creative Ideas
  • Decorating the sloping bit (stage area during BF event) with some sort of permanent artwork so that there is legacy. This area is particularly popular haunt for drug dealing/anti-social behaviour, hence our desire to target and overhaul.
  • Scooter trail – symbols leading around Montpelier and into Montpelier park with potential sustainable transport theme. Symbols could be made from laser cut wood or plastic (wood would surely be more eco-friendly as it is biodegradable?) Focus on back area of park.
  • Turning part of park into an outdoor theatre space, as there are lots of local artists/actors/creative types who could make use of this.
  • Joining up the Old England pub cricket area up to the side of the park – though this may not be possible if management has changed and building will be refurbished.


  • Cleaner Montpelier (CM) and banking

We have been delighted to assist CM establish itself locally; we have been more than happy to provide administrative and financial support to CM as we share a similar ethos with them.

However, sharing a bank account with CM is proving to be challenging for BF account and our treasurer.

CM is going to meet on Sunday 20 November and hopefully will appoint a treasurer to handle their own financial affairs.

AP for Ali to contact Co-op bank (our bank) to see if a separate account for CM can be created so that our individual funds can be separated.

Shiona formally thanked the CM representative Emily for all of the help which CM has provided with cleaning up Montpelier Park and delivering MBF fliers, and for their lovely stall on the day.

As Ruth is standing down as secretary she signed Co-op forms to remove herself as signatory

AP for Ali send Co-op bank copy of forms to show that Ruth no longer a signatory


  • Any other Business

As the next committee meeting will be held in April (which is some way away!) Shiona suggested a crafty evening sometime. She has acquired a large amount of fluorescent yellow material triangles and suggests making bright bunting to decorate the main stage of the BF. Ruth can contribute some gold lamé material to jazz up the bunting.