Sustainability Policy

_dsc4698-copyWe recognise that our organisation’s activities have an impact on the environment and we are committed towards continual improvement of our environmental performance. All our activities should aim for sustainability and resilience of our organisation with consideration of environmental, social and economic aspects.

We have therefore drawn up a Sustainability Policy to champion sustainable excellence. We ask everyone taking part in the Montpelier Bean Feast to help us achieve this.

Our Sustainability Policy is below. Have a read!

Some statistics on our sustainability can be found here:

MBF 2017 Sustainability Report

MBF 2016 Sustainability Report



Montpelier Bean Feast Sustainability Policy

Montpelier Bean Feast recognises that our activities have an impact on our environment, community and economy. All our activities should aim for sustainability of our organisation with consideration of environmental, social and economic aspects. We are committed to satisfying all legal and other requirements to which we subscribe. We are committed toward continual improvement of our sustainability performance.

This policy document communicates our sustainable development principles and provides a framework for our sustainability management system. It is publicly available on the Montpelier Bean Feast website. For further information regarding our sustainability activities visit or email

Event and Organisation

Montpelier Bean Feast is an annual community event taking place in Montpelier Park in Bristol. The Montpelier Bean Feast Group is a Social Enterprise (Unincorporated Association) with an organising committee consisting of the paid role of Festival Coordinator and Sustainability Coordinator and volunteer roles of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and other volunteer roles. Membership of the group is open to those living or working in the local area willing to support the group’s aims.


Following an assessment of our 2014 and 2015 events environmental performance, engagement with stakeholders, evaluation of the results and discussion within the team, we will be focussing on the key areas of waste, energy and transport. We aim to continually improve year on year to become zero waste and powered by 100% renewable energy.


Originally a much loved but long forgotten 18th century event, residents revived the event in 2009 aiming to create a positive impact and legacy within the community. Our activities include (but are not limited to) providing activities that inspire event attendees to have a positive impact; providing opportunities for coordinators and volunteers to connect with others in our community to share skills and knowledge; support local musicians; support local traders; procure our resources sustainably; coordinate our finances locally and ethically to support our own and our partner community organisation’s social enterprise activities.


Sustainability Coordinator Role

The duties of the Sustainability Coordinator are to:

  • Manage, monitor, document and report on sustainability of the organisation and event · Continually improve the sustainability performance of the organisation and event
  • Ensure that the sustainability ethos is embedded throughout the organisation · Measure the environmental impact of the event
  • Manage waste services at the event

Produced by Montpelier Bean Feast Sustainability Coordinator on 28th November 2015 Endorsed by the Montpelier Bean Feast Committee on 17 August 2016.

Review by Sustainability Co-ordinator and Committee by 31st March 2017