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Play Markings on the Zig Zag path

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments to the community consultation about installing games markings along the zig-zag path at the rear of Montpelier Park.

We received 29 submissions, and though the vast majority were in favour of play markings as an idea, a number raised concerns about Dolphin School’s involvement in the project and their use of the Park. You can read the comments here: Play markings consultation feedback – anonymised for sharing

Whilst the play markings were always intended for all users of the park and never restricted to Dolphin pupils, we recognise there are a number of local planning concerns around the Dolphin School expansion. As a result, to maintain community independence and reduce the controversy that the School has to manage, we have decided not to approach Dolphin School for funding to move this project forward. We will be approaching other local groups to establish partnerships and other funding sources will need to be found.

The consultation document we used is here: Consultation for games markings in Montpelier Park