BEANFEAST by Artur Tixiliski -27

Swap or sell at Bean Feast

New for Bean Feast 2017: a mini Jumble Trail!  If you can’t face a car boot, why not bring your jumble to Bean Feast? We’re trying a New Thing: £5 for a 1x1m pitch, and please arrive promptly at 12.30pm to get your spot as we can’t guarantee space on the day.  If you’re a local craft trader, we have two spaces left that can be reserved – please see here.

PLUS Three special treats this year in our Swap Zone: TOYS, CLOTHES and PRODUCE.

Do your kids need a toy refresh? Got a glut of green beans? Fancy a free wardrobe makeover?  Then the Swap Zone is for you. Swap old stuff for new-to-you stuff.

Bring clothes, toys or produce (veg, fruit, jam, plants) to the Swap Zone in the kids playground. Get tokens from our friendly Swap Zoners. Then have a rummage and swap them for whatever you fancy. For FREE!

If your kids fancy playing at shops for real, we’re on the lookout for mini-traders to help run the toy zone. Email if they’d like to help out.

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