Volunteer at the Bean Feast

BEANFEAST by Artur Tixiliski -28\BEANFEAST by Artur Tixiliski -7
Every year, the Montpelier Bean Feast brings together the surrounding residents, families, performers, artists, cake-makers and more for an afternoon of music, food and fun.

This is only made possible with our incredible and growing team of volunteers. If you’d like to join the Bean Feast volunteer team before, during or after the event, we’d love to hear from you! We’re looking for help in the following ways:

  • park clean up day on 17th September (before the official Bean Feast)
  • set up the site on the morning of Bean Feast on 23rd September
  • gate stewarding
  • cafĂ© help
  • swap stall help
  • ping pong tournament help
  • keeping the park clean during the event
  • take-down in the evening after the Bean Feast on 23rd September

Email us with your name and your interest at contact@montpelierbeanfeast.org.uk

Looking forward to welcoming you on the team!

Big love from the Bean Feast team x