Minutes from Bean Feast AGM 2016! AGM was held Tuesday 15 November 2016 Attendees: Shiona, Ali, Emily, Becky, Katrin, Ruth and Tanya (standby on phone) Apologies from Taran Shiona kicked off the AGM by explaining how the AGM works. We need to review members for 2016/2017, go through reports from chair and treasurer, and elect core committee members for Bean Feast 2017.   Members We established that we had enough 2015/2016 members for quorate which is good as elections can be held within guidelines of BF constitution. Plus new membership forms for 2016/2017 were signed.   Chair’s report was delivered by Shiona We had aRead More →

Montpelier Beanfeast Minutes from Debrief Meeting 12/10/16   Attendees: Tanya, Katrin, Becky, Ali, Shiona, Emily, Ruth Apologies: Jenny, Taran   Agenda Levels of Commitment Budget Report Feedback Report : What went well What could be improved upon Setting a date for the AGM Activity ideas Ideas for artist workshop with schools (for the next grant application) Thank you cards   Levels of commitment. These comments are not set in stone, but are necessary to determine if we need to recruit for Beanfeast 2017 or indeed if we need to have a fallow year. Ruth – due to moving out of the area and new commitmentsRead More →

After Montpelier Bean Feast 2016, we collected feedback from our team members, volunteers, traders and the public. We sent out a feedback survey as well as compiled comments from Facebook. Please see the feedback here: 2016 MBF Feedback ReportRead More →

Our Sustainability Coordinator Jenny Briggs has put together a comprehensive report on the Montpelier Bean Feast’s sustainability for 2016. To read the full report please open MBF 2016 Sustainability Report The numbers reveal that there has been a significant reduction in waste going to landfill from the 2016 event compared to the 2015 event. At the 2015 event, 34% of waste went to landfill and this was reduced by 23% to just 11% in 2016. In addition, recycling went up from 52.49% in 2015 to 69.37% in 2016. This may have been because we managed to hand sort all of the waste on site in 2016. The foodRead More →

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on our mosaic consultation document. We were delighted to have 25 responses; 21 were in favour, 4 were neutral (mostly asking questions) and two raised concerns about the use of glass bottle bases for safety reasons. We discussed all comments at our public consultation meeting on May 25th, and agreed not to use glass in the mosaic. We also felt the suggestions of directly approaching the basketball players for comment was a good idea (they had passed the posters every day for 3 weeks, but may not have found Facebook/email/letters an accessible way to respond), andRead More →

Montpelier Bean Feast are considering a project with local schools and artists to install a mosaic along the side of the basketball court in Montpelier Park. We welcome all responses to this idea (more info below) and will proceed only if there is a clear community desire for this to go ahead. Let us know what you think please!  Or come to our meeting on Wednesday 25 May, 8pm at 53 Ashley Road. Mosaic community consultationRead More →

Our Sustainability Manager Russ Spollin has put together a comprehensive report on the Montpelier Bean Feast’s sustainability for 2015. To read the full report please open MBF_2015_Sustainability_Report   Synopsis Waste – we reduced our overall waste by 30% Energy – we reduced our energy usage by 3.5% Transport – we improved our facilities for cyclists This document contains details of some of our key aims and actions but not all. For full details of all our aims and actions please refer to our Sustainability Action Plan.Read More →

Montpelier Bean Feast Debrief 14 October 2015  This document is also available as  Beanfeast_Debrief_2015 pdf Present: This document is compiled from team and attendee comments on the day, after the event and at the MBF debrief meeting, and is intended to help us reflect and improve so future events run smoothly. Volunteers Really great team of people this year in the lead up and on the day. Felt like a smaller group but really, really helped by Steph and Matt almost joining us as core team. We also had a couple of people just doing a one hour shift here or there which meant itRead More →

     At Bean Feast 2015, we were asked about the Rainbow Wall from 2014, so here’s some background. Each year, Bean Feast volunteers run a clean up day in Montpelier Park to tackle persistent issues that regular maintenance is less able to deal with.  In 2015, with 24 hours of volunteer time, we raked, trimmed, picked, dug and cleared over 20 bags of waste, 2kg of broken glass, 5 needles and spent an hour picking up dog mess.   In 2014, a number of clean up days ran before Bean Feast, and after one in July, we met with the neighbourhood officer from Bristol City CouncilRead More →

We were really pleased to see these beautiful photographs taken by talented Paul Green of the lovely rainbow wall, artist Alex Lucas created with local children at the Bean Feast 2014. The angles that he has used for the compositions are fabulous and really give you a sense of the wiggly windy path that leads into the park. We particularly love how the trees and houses loom into the shots from above. It all looks pretty magical, a bit Alice in Wonderland! Thanks Paul for allowing us to feature your lovely photos on our website.   Photo credits – Paul Green Photography 2015 You canRead More →

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