MBF 2016 Sustainability Report

MBF 2016 Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Coordinator Jenny Briggs has put together a comprehensive report on the Montpelier Bean Feast’s sustainability for 2016. To read the full report please open MBF 2016 Sustainability Report

The numbers reveal that there has been a significant reduction in waste going to landfill from the 2016 event compared to the 2015 event. At the 2015 event, 34% of waste went to landfill and this was reduced by 23% to just 11% in 2016. In addition, recycling went up from 52.49% in 2015 to 69.37% in 2016. This may have been because we managed to hand sort all of the waste on site in 2016.

The food waste numbers have gone up but this will be due to the fact that we included napkins in the food waste and so they were much heavier than they would have been in previous years.

Nice work, everyone!

Below is also a pie chart detailing the total output of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent).