Minutes from June 2017 Meeting

Minutes from June 2017 Meeting

Minutes of Montpelier Bean Feast meeting 7.6.17

Attending: Shiona; Becky; Katrin; Martine; Eleanor; Sarah and Claire from Travelling Kitchen; Emily. Apologies: Claire H; Ali

  1. Updates on minutes from meeting of 03.05.17:
  • Patreon: Emily had done some investigation and this seems like a potential source of funding. AP: Shiona to investigate further.
  • Fairlawn summer fair: Becky can now help run the stall (update, has since agreed to take Emily’s place) and will do so with Shiona, running the bag decorating workshop.
  • Dolphin PTA fundraising: Eleanor said that the PTA has agreed to do some fundraising for MBF and await our request!
  • Rising Voices choir: Shiona has spoken to the choir organisers and they are keen to be involved.


  1. Stage


  • Confirmed music: Batala; Pete’s band.
  • Yet to confirm: Sweet Spokes; Ushti Baba;


Martine has written the panto, to be staged in the kids’ play area, using the large climbing frame as the scaffold for the set. It will be 25 minutes long.

  • Martine said that it is important that the production is high-quality and professional so that children have a real experience of theatre.
  • There would not be much need for financial input from MBF as Martine is kindly volunteering her time and suggests that local people make sets, costumes etc.
  • Characters: Jack (Martine suggested Sarah Slater); Jack’s mother (to be played by a man); cow (front and back); magic bean seller; giant; ogress; flowers (children).
  • Rehearsals will take place in July and August in Martine’s studio at 66 York Rd.
  • AP: Katrin will read script and produce a blurb to advertise for actors and other volunteers. People who respond will be asked to contact Martine.
  • AP: Shiona to share ad with youth theatre groups and local painters, costume makers and sound technicians.


  1. Workshops

Confirmed workshops

  • Splish clown
  • Ping pong
  • Face painter (x2?)
  • Travelling Kitchen
  • Fairlawn PTA and badge-maker
  • Dolphin – to run games?
  • St Paul’s Nursery – stall with activity (not sending play-leader).
  • Info stall – with treasure hunt and glitter face dots as reward for completing it.


Martine has offered to run her puppet workshop. This requires forward planning as the puppets must be made by older children or adults in advance of the workshop (the papier maché takes at least a month to dry). On the day of MBF, children can then paint the puppets. They can then be used in a performance themed around Jack and the Bean Stalk. This could be scripted by Martine, or one person can read the story while children use their puppets to act it out. The puppets could also be used in a puppet parade by the children.


AP all: collect toilet roll and newspaper for the papier maché.

AP Eleanor: look into viability of running papier maché sessions for children in the park in late July/early August. Shiona recommended using the MBF gazebo and the picnic tables.

Travelling kitchen

Sarah and Claire explained that they will be running a children’s workshop, with children making food (possibly bread). Very kindly, they offered to do this for only the cost-price of the materials!  It was agreed that the fee for the Travelling Kitchen stall at #10 St Andrew’s Rd should be waived in recognition of this generosity.

The session will be aimed at children between 5 and 12 years old (or 8 upwards if not accompanied by an adult). There will be a maximum of 20 children involved, with places assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

The session will last 45 minutes. Sarah and Claire requested that it be after 2pm.

A sturdy table will be needed. Eleanor offered to  source one from Dolphin and arrange for it to be brought up on the day.

AP: Claire and Sarah to work out plan for workshop content and contact Katrin in due course. This needs to be done before the end of July so that it can be included on flyers.

Dolphin workshop:

Emily will contact Shelley Dixon and Ali Camp to follow up on the recipe book idea. The school will need to take the initiative on producing this.

Eleanor suggested Dolphin run a games workshop . This could include kids designing a challenge trail, play circuit or obstacle course.  As Eleanor is an employee of the school, she suggested starting to trial ideas at playtime. AP: Emily and Eleanor to discuss moving this forward.


Martine pointed out that last year MBF lacked workshops to attract adults. Following suggestions were made:

  • quiz questions on boards around the park. Could MCG generate the questions? AP: Katrin to contact MCG with this idea. Martine also suggested a stall with headphones for a ‘guess the song’ competition – get 3 out of 3 to win a prize.
  • Giant collaborative colouring sheets. AP: Shiona to contact Alex Lucas about this.
  • Bean Olympics – how many baked beans can you eat in 1 minute with a cocktail stick?
  • Scarecrows made by community in park and hidden around the park – guess which celebrity they are meant to be?!

Other possible workshops:

Scrap sculpture a possibility: AP Katrin to contact Tanja. Also to hold a space for St Barnabas in case they get back to us on their workshop.

  1. Publicity

To mainly take place in first three weeks of September.

AP: Katrin to set up a Trello card on publicity.

AP all: ensure content of flier is finalised before taking it to Becky for production.


  1. Sustainability co-ordinator

Can we do without this year? AP: Shiona to find out what sustainability information is actually required for grant applications and whether the information could be collected without a sustainability coordinator.


  1. Bins

Emily to source, collect in and return recycling boxes to St Andrew’s Road residents.

  1. AOB:

Newsletter/next minutes  – this to include link to trader application form. AP: Emily to ensure this happens.

AP: Emily to add Eleanor to main mailing list.


 Next meeting: Wednesday 5 July. Time and location TBC