Minutes from May 2017 Meeting

Minutes from May 2017 Meeting

Minutes of Montpelier Bean Feast meeting


Attending: Sarah; Flo; Kirsty (for Fairlawn PTA); Katrin; Claire; Martine; Eleanor (for Dolphin PTA); Shiona; Becky; Shelley (Head of Dolphin School); Ali; Emily

Updates on minutes from November AGM

  • Shiona updated us on progress since the last meeting: the crucial forms have been completed and the first aid, toilets and samba group have been confirmed for the event.
  • A grant of £1500 from the events fund at BCC has been secured! This is £500 less than last year but much more than we would have expected given the cuts to the fund, so very positive news.


  • Shiona circulated the budget prepared by Ali and explained that current plans were for a smaller than usual MBF due to drop in funding and available time of the core team. Ali has calculated that the absolute bare minimum cost is £2279, but adding in for things like craft workshops brings the likely projected cost to £2734. This would be slightly above the (conservative) estimated take of £2610.
  • We discussed the possibility of running a bigger event including more workshops, and how this would be funded (see below).
  • All agreed that the legacy for the park should remain a priority in spite of the lower budget.
  • Some progress has been made towards the separation of the CM (Cleaner Montpelier) and MBF bank accounts. Kirsty has been working on this since January and in spite of problems with the bank hopes to have the CM account established by June.


Ideas for fundraising

  • Sarah suggested a range of fundraising initiatives including: finding someone to run two performance/open mic nights at a venue on Stokes Croft (Crofters Rights and Left Bank suggested; ticket price of £5-10). She also suggested supper clubs and comedy nights.
  • We discussed using some of the £2K contingency fund
  • Becky suggested patreon.com as a potential for funding. AP: Emily to look at this before next meeting.


Working with local schools

  • Emily and Shiona will attend the first two hours of the Dolphin Spring Fair on 6.5.17 to raise awareness and funds for MBF.
  • Kirsty kindly invited MBF to attend Fairlawn summer fair again, after a successful MBF stall there last year. Representatives of MBF will attend Fairlawn Summer Fair on 8 July (AP Shiona and Emily to do this). Kirsty has since been in touch to stress how much Fairlawn would love to be involved in the event, which is great news!
  • It was agreed that MBF will work with Dolphin this year on any main school project, because we have been unable to get hold of St Barnabas and because Dolphin is currently interested in improving the park to use it in their curriculum delivery.
  • The idea of playground markings (such as scooter trail, hopscotch etc.) was discussed as a potential focus for collaboration with Dolphin and/or Bean Feast park legacy project. AP: Emily to investigate costings before next meeting including talking to Georgie Burr about what was achieved by Imagine St Paul’s
  • Shelley told us about Dolphin’s new ‘Curious City’ curriculum and said that the school wants to make more use of the local area including the park (which it will be using for forest school). AP: Shiona and Emily to meet with Shelley in the next few weeks to determine next steps for collaboration with Dolphin.
  • Shelley invited MBF team to attend the Dolphin’s community group evening on 11 May 2017 17:00-19:00.
  • Eleanor suggested working with the school for fundraising – including non-school uniform days and bake sales. AP: Eleanor to discuss this with Dolphin PTA?
  • Longer term potential for collaboration with Dolphin (post the 2017 event) was discussed. AP: Shelley and Shiona agreed to meet in September to discuss joint grant applications (MBF and Dolphin School).

Martine: theatre/ performance art

  • We were delighted to welcome Martine and Claire to the meeting. Martine explained that she runs two theatre companies, has experience of running shows at community events (including Picton Street Fayre) and of running puppet making workshops for children. She also promotes literature and work by local artist and writers.
  • Martine very generously volunteered to coordinate a performance and/or related project at this year’s MBF! She suggested that this might take the form of a performance or puppet show which could be the focal point of the event.
  • Everyone was extremely keen on this and grateful for the offer, which we all felt will be an enormous addition to this year’s event.
  • AP all: to follow this up and further discuss how we can make the most of Martine’s offer of expertise and time.


  • It was agreed that membership should be allowed to lapse


  • We will seek to offer a greater diversity of traders this year. More detailed discussion of this postponed to next meeting .


  • It was agreed that having an MC would be a good idea and that they would help keep the event feeling structured between bands.
  • It was thought that the MC should aim at children.
  • Shelley offered MBF the loan of the Dolphin School’s portable sound system for the day on 23/9 for use by the MC.

Swap zone

  • Eleanor said she would run the swap zone! Everyone was very pleased to accept this offer.

Other creative ideas

The following were mentioned as further creative ideas over the course of the meeting (in no particular order)

  • The possibility of a performance from the Rising Voices Choir (AP: Shiona to make contact), a recovery choir;
  • Veg growing competition;
  • Involvement of Travelling Kitchen (AP: Emily to make contact and to pass details to Eleanor and Shelley);
  • Scrap orchestra;
  • Vegetable sculptures;
  • Kids’ talent show.
  • Swing dance demo/workshop
  • Theatrical re-enactment of history of MBF
  • Cyclist tour group to stop off at event
  • Bristol petting zoo visit
  • Stokes Croft writers’ workshop

Next meeting

The next meeting will be held in a month’s time, on Wednesday 7 June 2017 at 33 Bath Buildings.

The meeting finished at 21.30.