Minutes from the Debrief Meeting on 12 October 2016

Minutes from the Debrief Meeting on 12 October 2016

Montpelier Beanfeast Minutes from Debrief Meeting 12/10/16


Attendees: Tanya, Katrin, Becky, Ali, Shiona, Emily, Ruth

Apologies: Jenny, Taran



  • Levels of Commitment
  • Budget Report
  • Feedback Report :
  1. What went well
  2. What could be improved upon
  • Setting a date for the AGM
  • Activity ideas
  • Ideas for artist workshop with schools (for the next grant application)
  • Thank you cards


Levels of commitment.

These comments are not set in stone, but are necessary to determine if we need to recruit for Beanfeast 2017 or indeed if we need to have a fallow year.

Ruth – due to moving out of the area and new commitments Ruth is going to stand down as Secretary. Therefore BF will need a new secretary at the AGM.

Shiona – is now in full time work and has significantly less time to contribute towards BF than she used to. It would only be possible for Shiona to continue being Chair with someone like Katrin as co-ordinator (i.e. someone experienced). Shiona would like to have an easier to run Beanfeast 2017, with fewer meetings, less ‘experimental’ activities and less to do in the lead up months (as this is her particularly busy period). Shiona would be happy to be Chair if BF 2017 is more streamlined. Side note: the grant application deadline is approaching (21/11/16) but thankfully the word allowance has increased, despite using the same original questions. Having to cut words out last time was very time consuming, so hopefully should be smoother going forwards, especially if Becky is happy to cast a discerning eye over the grant application.

Ali – has been incredibly, inordinately busy since early August 2016. Ali would also welcome a more streamlined event and is happy to continue being Treasurer.

Tanya – doesn’t want to attend any committee meetings pre-July 2017. However, she is happy to be assigned action points (making/doing/creating things) in her absence.

Becky – has been very busy ALL YEAR with minimal sleep! As July/August is her busy PhD period, this clashes a bit with the poster design period. Therefore, she is happy to continue being in charge of designing posters/flyers but would like to be sent the copy after it has been finalised (because each change in the wording is very time consuming in terms of design).

Emily – loves BF. She is happy to take on more, possibly the Secretary role. Shiona suggests Secretary could even be shared with someone else, if that might work.

Katrin – loved working with the committee. Katrin put in a lot of hours into the role. She would love to continue but needs to gauge the commitment of others. If there are no extra tasks to take on then she is happy to continue as co-ordinator. Katrin states that despite not being a local resident she now knows lots of locals, thanks to running the event. She won’t be able to commit as many hours in 2017. Katrin enjoyed getting to know our key stakeholders.


Budget Report

Ali, our Treasurer, guided us through her meticulously prepared report. Projected net balance (to be finalised at the AGM) of £306, likely £286.

We agreed to increase Katrin’s bonus by £50.00.

We agreed to increase Caroline Cresswell’s pay by £50.00.

We agreed to donate Emmaus and Cleaner Montpelier, our two designated charities, £80.00 and £30.00 respectively (the amount going to CM is less as CM have just received a £1000 grant from the council and are now less cash-poor than they were. Also, donation of £50 to CM earlier in the year to match-fund the litter-pickers, and donation of half a tin of anti-graf coating (£50) plust three tins of paint).

The reduced payment to CM meant we can give £30.00 towards the Ambling Band as they performed for free at the event, and increase Julia Splish’s pay by £20.00 (who performed for 5 hours!)

AP for Katrin – give Ali a contact for the Ambling Band

AP for Ruth – chase Paul for £20.00 for the ice cream pitch.


Feedback Report

Katrin amalgamated the feedback which we received via committee notice board on trello, surveymonkey, email and comments on facebook.

  1. What went well
  • Over 1100 attendees – though as the top gate’s tally sheet got lost the volunteers stewarding the top gate estimated their figures. The figure of 1100 is almost 50% up o 2015 attendee figures.
  • Our café sold out.
  • We produced less waste and more of our waste was recycled.
  • Bin co-ordination went very smoothly. Can we ditch the carbon footprint analysis, and rely on weighing waste alone?
  • Great feedback about the Ambling Band.
  • Great feedback about Julia, the walkabout splish clown.
  • Lots of good feedback about the badge maker. We should promote donations more/charge 50p! The badge maker is heavy and requires a car (or a pram…!) to pick it up from Scrapstore pre-event and drop it off again post-event. So logistically it is a little tricky.
  • We have forged new connections with local Girl Guides and St Barnabus School – and this school is reaching out further into Montpelier, slotting in nicely with our grant requirements. Idea to run forest school activities in Montpelier Park.
  • The clean up days pre-event were very successful.
  • Great presence on social media.
  • Brilliant photos to record the event.
  • Stalls were well laid out, with a good flow (both market stalls and food traders). It all ‘made sense’ on site.


  1. What we could improve upon
  • Range of activities on offer. More boy friendly activities and more adult focussed activities have been suggested. We could run our own treasure hunt reasonably easily.
  • The Swap Zone – the items could have been sorted/separated more coherently (kids vs veg and produce vs clothes). The stall needs to be (wo)manned better. We did mention swap zone on all of our marketing, hard to get more publicity out about it. Maybe in future we should make it produce only? Or ditch the token system?

AP for Katrin – contact Josie to obtain her feedback (NB poor Josie was not feeling well on the day L)

  • Traders – do we have too many? Too few? Is it too much like a market? Should we focus more on activities?
  • Suggestion that we have non-music stage performers, e.g. musician
  • Elections for Bean King and Bean Queen have been suggested.
  • NB a backup electricity plan is very much required.
  • NB Shiona is going to make clear, laminated, idiot proof power set up instructions, ditto marquee instructions, so that other people can help set up on the day and Shiona is not the only key player with all necessary info in her (very impressively wonderful) brain. This improves health and safety and also minimises stress for Shiona. Win-win!
  • Do we need a compère to hold the stage in between acts? Ruth has a good suggestion for one.
  • Set up in the morning was very, very stressful as time was short and hands were few. To mitigate these risks at future events more volunteers are required to help set up and jobs need to be broken down into specific tasks to hand out.
  • Some traders weren’t happy as the land wasn’t flat and also a dog had pooed since our clear up. We could manage the expectations of the traders/stall holders on the application form, emphasising how BF is a smallish event at a park, aimed at the local community.
  • AP for Katrin: need to save all feedback in a document in both the google drive and on the website (so we can link to it in our grant application).

AGM Date

The AGM will be held at Shiona’s on Tuesday 15th November at 8pm.

AP for Ruth – she will send out an email reminder a fortnight beforehand and bring membership forms etc. ready to hand over to the new Secretary.


Ideas for BF 2017

These are required for our Bristol City Council Parks and Events Fund grant application, the deadline for submission is 21 November 2016. We want to install a permanent, issue focussed work of art in the park and to work with local children. We’d very much like to work with St Barnabus School in 2017 and need to come up with ideas to tender out to local artists.

  • Ali suggested a wood carver in Easton, with the idea of making some large stepping stones in the park.
  • Something colourful to decorate the ground such as a scooter trail or hopscotch – made with thermoplastic paint.
  • It would be good to target antisocial behaviour in the park – some parks have had success by hanging large cartooney eyes in the trees/on walls
  • Adult outdoor gym equipment

AP for Katrin – create a card on trello for ideas

AP for Shiona – contact St Barnabus School


Further Thank You Cards: AP for Shiona

  • Artur (photographer)
  • Diego (stage manager at Old England)
  • John (from the Ambling Band)